you are the one who decides how great your dreams ARE GOING TO BE
BeU fund #SuperHumans supports people
of different ages and individual physical abilities,
who dare to set ambitious sport goals

Here in BeU #SuperHumans fund we believe:
o one should tell you when to stop fighting for your dream.
When they ask you to stop. When they say that you are trying in vain and there will be an unreasonably high price to pay for your dream. When they make you doubt your goal and your passionate dedication to your dream. They call you insane, obsessed, fanatic... That's when the most interesting things start to happen!

We keep moving forward. We overcome all the obstacles.
We erase the boundaries of what is possible. We fight till the end. We achieve unimaginable things. We become a new version of ourselves – we become SuperHumans!

Every moment you have a choice:
you either give up or you keep on fighting.
This choice defines your life in every moment.

We know what choice we will pick.

Are you with us?
Our values
We develop our spirit via body
We inspire others with our lifestyle
We live a passionate and limitless life
We fulfill our unique mission
This is what we do
We find Heroes–sportsmen
who are ready to follow their dreams
We develop a strategy
of achieving a goal for every Hero
We cover a story
of every Hero
We bring professionals
who will assist our Heroes in achieving their goals
We finance
every Hero to achieve their goals
We create an online community
to provide communication platform and mutual support for Heroes, their parents, volunteers and event planners
Our Heroes
Krassikov brothers
The brothers Dmitry and Valentine practice fencing professionally and they dream to become a part of the Paralympic team of Estonia and to be among participants of Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Despite of diagnosis (moderate and severe ICP) the guys inspire everyone around them with their drive and vivacity. They constantly are amongst friends and in the thick of things.
Alexander Kalichava
Alexander's dream is to win triathlon paralympic competitions. Due to a bike accident in 2015 Alexander lost his right leg. The change in circumstances made him feel more excited about his goal. He keeps cycling regularly and flying paraplane. His main aim now is to overcome all the obstacles and to participate in Tokyo Olympics.
Makar Medvedev
Makar was born with a rare diagnosis which is inheritable achromotrichia, he has only 10% of his vision in daylight. Nevertheless, Makar chooses to make his weak point his superpower: he found the kind of sport that suited him (which is sport diving), where he does not need to rely on his vision. Makar has his trainings and performs under standard conditions. He has a dream to become a part of Estonian national team and participate in the International competitions.
Matvey Serednitskiy
Matvey adores sports, especially football, swimming, boxing, cycling and power walking on stepmill. Matvey has spastic diplegia, which is a form of infantile cerebral paralysis. He dreams to be able to walk and he is hopeful one day he will. Matvey inspired his parents to open a child center, a gym. He motivated them to organize summer camps for children with special needs.
Masha Ivanova
Masha is an excellent pupil, she is in a second grade. She lives with her parents and 2 elder brothers in Narva and studies at a common school. Together with her friend Matvey they have their wheelchair dance training. Kids are trained very intensively. When Masha gets some rest, she is happy to keep training with a smile on her face. Masha's cherished goal is to take part in the grand competitions for wheelchair dancing!
Superheroes will be happy
to get your support!
Are you ready to support our Superheroes on the way to their dreams?
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Vladislav Loginov